I’m seeing a lot of Bronco pride around Denver!  Lots of orange.  Lots of vintage logos.  And several thousand “Manning”s running around town.  It’s curious, isn’t it, how we like to wear the jerseys of our favorite sports heroes?  It’s otherwise rare to see people wearing the uniform of another occupation.  Unless it’s Halloween.  Or Purim.  Get caught any other day in a cop outfit and you’ll be arrested for impersonating a police officer!  You just don’t see a chef’s hat unless it’s on a chef.  You don’t see a tutu unless it’s on a ballerina (or on my five-year-old daughter, I guess).  You don’t see sharkskin unless it’s on a lawyer. 

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I suppose, though, you do see non-medical people wearing surgical scrubs from time to time, which begs the question … “Why?!?”  Is the muted green boxy shirt really a great fashion choice?!  It got me thinking, though, perhaps we should hold our favorite docs in the same esteem in which we hold our favorite sports heroes.  Put a name on the back of that scrub shirt and wear it proudly!  “Oz.”  “Spock.” “Kevorkian.”  Maybe go retro with “Freud,” “Osler” or “Salk.”  Blur the lines with “House,” “Howser” or “McStuffins.”  Whom would you wear?  Let me know.  And have a Happy Purim!

And Go Broncos!

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