The doctor is in!

The Doctor Is In!


The doctor is in!

The Doctor Is In!

  • a HUGE hit!
    — Sr. Manager of Professional Relations, Philips
  • A doctor-approved laugh session.
    — "5280," Denver’s Mile-High Magazine
  • simply the best.
    — Director of Meetings and Publications, American Medical Technologists
  • one of the best keynotes ever.
    — Manager of Education Programs, American Health Care Association
  • Brad has a remarkable talent in math!
    — Mrs. Noia, Brad’s 6th grade pre-algebra teacher

Healthcare Comedian Brad Nieder MD, CSP – The Healthy Humorist.jpg

YESSSSSSSSS! You’ve done it! Your Googling has paid off! You’ve found the doctor you’ve been looking for: Brad Nieder, MD, CSP*! Smart. Thorough. Compassionate. Prompt. Great bedside manner. (Pretty good dancer too!)

But you’re not here to schedule an office visit for your own ailments. (Or to find a tango partner.) You need a house call!

Maybe you need an upbeat opening funny keynote speaker to kick off your convention? Dr. Brad can fill that prescription!

“His wit rivals anything that appears on late-night television.” –J.M., Manager, Medical Staff Services, Centura Health

Or maybe you want your closing conference session to send everyone home smiling and happy? The Healthy Humorist® can do that, too!

“… the most enjoyed keynote in our nine years of presenting this event.  Everyone left with a smile on their face and a renewed spirit of enthusiasm in their heart.”  –D.K., CMO, Faxton Saint Luke's Healthcare

Want a funny speaker to dispense levity in the middle of your multi-day event? Want to entertain your staff at a celebration? Need an emcee? This funny doctor is a board-certified specialist in doing it all!

And you’ll get it all without paying an enormous celebrity doctor fee!

“… a good laugh at a fair price.” –R.P., Operations Manager, Examworks

In fact, this funny healthcare speaker is an event professional’s dream. In addition to being one of the best values out there with a reasonable, (almost) all-inclusive fee, Dr. Brad is a pleasure …

Speaker legend Patricia Fripp is a BIG fan of the healthcare humor of doctor comedian Brad Nieder, MD.