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"Brad, you were such a HUGE hit! All of us in attendance thank you for your targeted presentation ...Thank you too for your multiple, perfectly timed comments on Philips and the FlexCare toothbrush--you brought a warm and humorous tie to our company and key product, and I so appreciate the positive mentions. Your program was excellent! ... I hope to recommend and work with you again in the future.  Thank you for the deep belly laughs that lead to good health--I thought you and your presentation were PERFECT!!"

--G.S., Sr. Manager of Professional Relations, Philips

"ER meets Seinfeld."

--"MomSense" Magazine

"Hats off to the Healthy Humorist® and his timely message about incorporating more laughter into our lives!  From his opening line he had the audience of 2000 members laughing, and there was no lag time during his entire 60-minute presentation.  His delivery and comic timing were impeccable.  His material is clever, clean, and insightful.  He's a Jerry Seinfeld of the medical profession with his hilarious observations.  As one coder said to me later, 'Our jobs are so stressful.  It felt good to sit there and laugh!'  If it were up to me, Dr. Nieder would be my choice for a keynote every year.  We can all stand to lighten up and enjoy ourselves a little more, and that message came through loud and clear in the presentation."

--M.M., Speaker Coordinator, American Academy of Professional Coders

"A doctor-approved laugh session."

--"5280," Denver's Mile-High Magazine, "Top Doctors" Issue

"Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation, 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'...It was the perfect opening for our annual conference and set the mood for the rest of the week.  Thanks also for taking the time to research our daily activities and weave some of the widely used acronyms and Tyson sayings into your presentation.  That made the program uniquely ours and gave it a hilarious personal touch.  I literally had tears running down my cheeks, and I was not alone."

--D.E., RN, Tyson Foods

"Your keynote address presented at our national convention in Las Vegas wowed our attendees -- you were absolutely their favorite speaker ... Your presentation was hilarious but tasteful and you remained the true professional throughout the entire arrangements process.  You are simply the best."

--D.P., CMP, Director, Meetings and Publications, American Medical Technologists

"Dr. Brad served as the post-dinner entertainment for our physician leadership group, their spouses and and our corporate leaders, with booming laughs echoing through the auditorium throughout the night.  He delivered a clean, hysterical, thought-provoking message during the one-hour performance.  He was able to take a usually stuffy physician group and allow them to laugh at themselves and each other.  I received an overwhelming number of comments from attendees that Dr. Brad was the most engaging comedic performer they had ever seen.  Dr. Brad receives my highest recommendation for anyone searching for an outstanding humorist, especially those in the healthcare industry."

--T.M., System Director, Marketing and Communications, Baptist Health

"Please accept my sincere thanks for making our awards dinner a night to remember.  Your presentation engaged everyone and kept us laughing the whole night.  You are a wonderful speaker with such an entertaining way of bringing a lighthearted approach to the field of health care. This was one of the most well attended meetings of the owners and managers from our 300 offices and I heard numerous compliments throughout the night.  Let me express a special thank you for leaving your prescription for laughing more and living longer.  Everyone loved it!  You are an exceptional entertainer and I appreciate your professionalism and ability to resonate so well with our group.  It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future."

--L.S., Vice President of Marketing, Interim Healthcare

"Brad has a remarkable talent in math!"

--Mrs. Noia, Brad's 6th grade pre-algebra teacher

"As I was sitting in the audience during your presentation one of my colleagues passed me a note that said, 'one of the best keynotes ever.'  As meeting planners, we see a lot of keynote speakers, so that is high praise.  Many people stopped me after the session ended to ask how they could hire you to speak to their organizations.  It was fun to share some belly laughs, giggles, and even a few groans ... You are definitely on my short list and I will share your information...I hope our paths will cross again."

--T.E., Manager--Education Programs, American Health Care Association (AHCA)

"I got my RDA for laughter, and then some!"

--Anne Hazelton, M.D.

"I chose Dr. Brad to end our national conference, thinking “What a great way to close out our sessions on a positive note!”  Well, I was not disappointed!  Dr. Brad’s presentation was truly one of the highlights of our meeting.  We asked him to speak for 60 minutes and what an amazing 60 minutes it was.  Dr. Brad was engaging, informative, energetic and kept the audience laughing the entire time.  He instantly builds a connection with his audience, even including them as part of his engagement.  Our audience was made up of a wide variety of folks from many types of backgrounds and from all over the country, and he appealed to them all.  As the meeting planner, I had the opportunity to review all conference evaluations and the feedback from attendees was unanimous – Dr. Brad was phenomenal!  Lastly, I feel it important to note that not only was the quality of his work outstanding, but I found Dr. Brad Nieder a wonderful person to work with in my role as a planner.  He was responsive, flexible and met all timelines I required.  He spends significant time planning and personalizes his presentation to his audience.  I cannot say enough in support of Brad and I look forward to being a part of his audience and laughing with him again soon.  After all, 'Laughter is The Best Medicine.'"

--L.V., Regional VP, Operations, Health Inventures

"Dr. Nieder was AWESOME!  I loved the poem at the end.  It was unique and really made me think about the things that are important in life … He needs to come back again … He is definitely the BEST SPEAKER we have booked!"

--K.G., Health Innovations Network of Kansas, Inc.

"It is my pleasure to whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Brad Nieder as a speaker.  Dr. Brad provided the closing remarks for our annual Chapter Leaders Conference ... Typically the closing session is a difficult one to attract attendees--like many conferences, we tend to have high levels of attrition at the end of the event.  Not so with Dr. Brad--his materials provided in advance were compelling and clever and ... created a buzz of anticipation among our attendees.  We had a higher attendance rate for the closing session than we have seen in several years.  His session delivered on the promise--Brad took the time to understand our audience and provided a program that was universally appealing while tailored to their interests.  The evaluations were outstanding ... As a meeting planner, I also give Brad high marks as a professional.  He was responsive, prompt and incredibly easy to work with.  It is a rare combination of talent and professionalism that make Brad such a wonderful speaker."

--S.R., Director of Chapter Relations, Financial Planning Association

"It is with immense pleasure that I would recommend Dr. Brad Nieder as a speaker for your event ... The Healthy Humorist® was the perfect prescription for our crowd ... By taking a different approach and adding humor into such a serious topic, I feel that people got more out of the message than they have in the past.  Brad received rave reviews on all of the evaluations, with many of the participants asking to have him back next yearI enjoyed sitting back and watching the crowd having such a great time and laughing at a heart healthy event.  Brad was very easy to work with and a joy and professional throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a great speaker that is going to make your crowd laugh and enjoy your event, Dr. Brad Nieder is your man."

--B.N., Christian Hospital

"The event was flawless and the evaluations incredible ... In addition to being an engaging entertainer, Brad is very easy to work with and very accommodating in terms of personalizing his performances to his audiences.  I have had many of the attendees personally email and call me to tell me how much they enjoyed the evening and, especially, Brad's presentation."

--B.G., Director, Medical Staff Administration, Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus

"Your keynote presentation for our recent Campaign for Quality was a resounding success!  You provided the perfect introduction to this annual conference, and from the feedback received thus far, it was the most enjoyed keynote in our nine years of presenting this event.  Everyone left with a smile on their face and a renewed spirit of enthusiasm in their heart.  You are a phenomenally talented comedian with an amazing ability to connect with the people who serve in and around healthcare and a genuine gift for clean and refreshing comedy.  Thanks for making our kick-off presentation a truly memorable occasion for us all.  We will definitely have you back!"

--D.K., CMO, Faxton Saint Luke's Healthcare

"Brad Nieder was our keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Forum this October. The forum consisted of over 500 people … who were continuously laughing.  When the evaluation sheets came back Brad received all 5s which is the best you can get … (Some people added plus signs next to the 5s.) … Many people added comments such as, "Awesome", "Terrific", "This was the best keynote you've had." … People said they don’t know how we are going to get a better keynote for next year … The WI Workers' Compensation committee would definitely recommend him to people looking for a good laugh at a fair price."

--R.P., Operations Manager, Examworks

"Just what the doctor ordered!  We hope to work with you again!"

--H.T., Education Coordinator, TMF Health Quality Institute

"You really hit a home run with your 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' presentation to our group of health care leaders at Poudre Valley Health System.  Of the 267 completed surveys, 237 of them ranked your presentation as the most valuable part of the meeting.  Here is a sample of the MANY favorable comments we received: 'fantastic,' 'awesome,' 'wonderful message,' 'good advice,' 'just what we needed,' 'I haven't laughed that much in a long time,' 'the laughter was invaluable,' 'really made me feel good.'  It was great to look around the room and see all my colleagues completely engaged and enjoying themselves so thoroughly in such a funny and uplifting experience.  We in health care are engaged in a very serious business, but we often take ourselves too seriously.  Your presentation really helped us look at ourselves a little differently, and remember some of the reasons why we have chosen our professions.  Thanks again!"

--R.C., Laboratory Director, Poudre Valley Health System

"Dr. Nieder recently made his second appearance at our meeting in a five year period.  Attendees (physicians, medical students and their guests) commented on how entertaining he was and thoroughly enjoyed his humor and observations regarding health care.  The uproarious laughter during his presentation was a pure indication that the evening was enjoyed by all.  Dr. Nieder is a pleasure to work with and I have highly recommended him to my counterparts throughout the country."

--D.Z., Executive Director, Hillsborough County (FL) Medical Association

"We are writing to thank you for your brilliant performance at our "Spice for Life" dinner honoring Disability Awareness Month.  Your performance was not only comical; it was also uplifting and inspirational for all our guests. Our association received so many thank you notes and compliments on your comedy routine and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Not to mention, you were very gracious to meet and greet with our guests and allow them to know you in a more personal setting.  We would be honored to provide you references and are excited to utilize your talents again in the future. Thank you again."

--B.N., J.S., B.W., Kaiser Permanente People with Disabilities Association (KPPWDA)

"I had the pleasure of working with Brad for our Convention and Expo.  First, I should mention Brad was selected by my task force after we reviewed several great speaker contenders.  He is incredibly likeable, funny, knowledgeable and a top notch professional.  I received numerous compliments on his engaging, entertaining presentation.  Would I consider working with Brad again?  You bet!"

--L.D., Colorado Contractors Association

"WOW!  What a great time we had with The Healthy Humorist®, a.k.a. Dr. Brad Nieder.  From the moment the doctors started arriving for our annual holiday celebration, I knew that we were in for a treat!  I was particularly impressed that he was able to bring smiles to the faces of all who attended--even those who are the last to laugh at anything!  His wit rivals anything that appears on late-night television.  I would highly recommend The Healthy Humorist® for any occasion that calls for continuous laughter and a great time.  Our dinner this year was the best in many, many years.  Dr. Brad made it a fun and enjoyable evening for all of us.  We would not hesitate to bring him back for an encore."

--J.M., Manager, Medical Staff Services, Centura Health

"A HEARTY RECOMMENDATION!!  Thank you so much for making our first "Amazing in Aging" event a smashing success!  You had the 500 participants eating out of your hand from the get-go....From your dog MD routine, to having fun with medical terminology...it was a laugh a minute.  We had calls and letters from our members thanking us for this great event, and many said they hadn't laughed that hard in years!!! Of course, you do realize you have created a big problem for me now.  You raised the bar...programs in the future will pale in comparison."

--J.T., Poudre Valley Aspen Club

"The subject of hospice typically does not coincide with laughter; however you were able to bring your tasteful sense of humor and the right touch of levity to our event.  One of our guests left the comment, "Loved the dynamic of the laughter and the tears."  Yes, there were tears shed because of other elements in our program, but I do believe that many of our guests were shedding tears of laughter!  It was a joy for me to see how everyone was totally engaged and thoroughly enjoying your presentation."

--D.A.B., Annual Giving Specialist, Providence Hospice and Home Care Foundation

"Our company ... retained Dr. Nieder for the positive and informative nature of his message, the quality of his presentation, and his engaging delivery, all of which met the high standards of excellence required by all speakers retained and contracted by VPD.

Not only is Dr. Nieder a pleasure to deal with personally (both our exchanges prior to his appearance at VPD, and then on-site the day of his presentation), but also professionally at all phases of the process, which as speaker coordinator for VPDU is a quality both valuable and appreciated. Although a humorist, he communicates a serious message in a manner that really connected with our employees ... We were very happy with the results and the positive feedback.

It is because of these qualities and many others that I enthusiastically recommend Brad Nieder as a speaker—one with a winning message that is universal in importance and relevant to all. I would absolutely hire him again for another event in line with our program."

--D.M., Speaker Coordinator, VPDU

"The crowd loved The Healthy Humorist® and everything he presented.  He was not only entertaining but informative as well!  We would definitely use Dr. Brad again."

--B.M., Society of Certified Senior Advisors

"I bust a gut laughing. Now I need a surgeon."

--A former patient (lawsuit pending)