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Funny Doctor Brad Nieder MD CSP – The Healthy Humorist

YESSSSSSSSS! You’ve done it! Your Googling has paid off! You’ve found the doctor you’ve been looking for: Brad Nieder, MD, CSP*! Smart. Thorough. Compassionate. Prompt. Great bedside manner. (Pretty good dancer too!)

But you’re not here to schedule an office visit for your own ailments. (Or to find a tango partner.) You need a house call!

Maybe you need an upbeat opening funny keynote speaker to kick off your convention? Dr. Brad can fill that prescription!

“His wit rivals anything that appears on late-night television.” –J.M., Manager, Medical Staff Services, Centura Health

Or maybe you want your closing conference session to send everyone home smiling and happy? The Healthy Humorist® can do that, too!

“… the most enjoyed keynote in our nine years of presenting this event.  Everyone left with a smile on their face and a renewed spirit of enthusiasm in their heart.”  –D.K., CMO, Faxton Saint Luke's Healthcare

Want a funny speaker to dispense levity in the middle of your multi-day event? Want to entertain your staff at a celebration? Need an emcee? This funny doctor is a board-certified specialist in doing it all!

And you’ll get it all without paying an enormous celebrity doctor fee!

“… a good laugh at a fair price.” –R.P., Operations Manager, Examworks

In fact, this funny healthcare speaker is an event professional’s dream. In addition to being one of the best values out there with a reasonable, (almost) all-inclusive fee, Dr. Brad is a pleasure to work with!

“As a meeting planner, I also give Brad high marks as a professional.  He was responsive, prompt and incredibly easy to work with.  It is a rare combination of talent and professionalism that make Brad such a wonderful speaker.” –S.R., Director of Chapter Relations, Financial Planning Association

A funny doctor, clean comedian and health and wellness speaker with nearly 20 years of experience in the meetings and events industry, The Healthy Humorist® WON’T deliver Power Point slides, goofy cartoons and somewhat funny anecdotes like the standard corporate humorist.

Rather, this healthcare comedian WILL bring his hilarious clean standup comedy style to get your group laughing.

“Jerry Seinfeld of the medical profession.” –M.M., Speaker Coordinator, American Academy of Professional Coders

His healthcare humor will tickle your funny bone, whether he’s discussing healthcare lingo, diet plans, pharmaceutical ads, medical marijuana or scrubs.  You’ll get audience interaction! You’ll get poetry! The comedian doctor has even been known to break into song!

“… the most engaging comedic performer they had ever seen.” –T.M., System Director, Marketing and Communications, Baptist Health

Not just a funny medical speaker, though, The Healthy Humorist® dispenses inspiration along with his healthcare comedy. No, he’s NOT a rah-rah motivational speaker delivering hackneyed acronyms of gobbledygook! That’s not his style! But he IS uplifting! Your audience will be inspired to lighten up, laugh more, increase their level of joy at work and in life and not take themselves too seriously.

“… not only comical; it was also uplifting and inspirational.” –B.N., J.S., B.W., Kaiser Permanente People with Disabilities Association

The doctor comedian won’t stop with entertainment and inspiration, though. He wants to educate, too, so he always includes valuable information.

“… not only entertaining but informative as well!” –B.M., Society of Certified Senior Advisors

You’ll learn why laughter is the best medicine (unless you have giggle bladder incontinence) … for combating stress, feeling better and living longer. And you’ll get the latest wellness advice, though it will be delivered in an entertaining manner unlike any other physician you’ve encountered! You’ll learn new healthy habits to improve health and well-being.

“… really made me think about the things that are important in life … He needs to come back again … He is definitely the BEST SPEAKER we have booked!” –K.G., Health Innovations Network of Kansas, Inc.

This medical comedian will tailor his material for your audience. Are they stressed out? Dealing with low morale? Change? New technology? Dr. Brad will investigate pain points, challenges, triumphs and personnel so he can deliver a unique experience for your audience.

“Thanks also for taking the time to research our daily activities and weave some of the widely used acronyms and Tyson sayings into your presentation.  That made the program uniquely ours and gave it a hilarious personal touch.” –D.E., RN, Tyson Foods

And this physician comedian has a special affinity for healthcare audiences. After all, physicians, coders and long-term care administrators are his people! He understands their unusual medical humor. He speaks their language! He gets nursing humor! He knows all about new technology that doesn’t work properly (EHR anyone?), budget constraints, quality measures, incessant reviews, burnout, compassion fatigue, understaffing and compliance with increasingly impossible regulations.

He can even offer his keynote for CME and other continuing education credits! Imagine that! CE from a funny doctor who has people laughing rather than bored to tears!

“… tears of laughter!” –D.A.B., Annual Giving Specialist, Providence Hospice and Home Care Foundation

With his medical comedy and health care humor, you and your audience will be feeling better in no time! After all, laughter is the best medicine! (Well, maybe it’s just behind penicillin!)

*CSP = Certified Speaking Professional (an earned designation from the Global Speakers Federation that essentially means Dr. Brad has been doing a great job on stage for a long time for many audiences!)